300 Elmwood Drive
Moncton, NB



“Food and great people that run the restaurant-annemarie and marc”

“Best clams in the city”

“Best clams in Moncton”

“WOW! The best fried fast food.”

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Marc’s Fried Clams pleases Fatties

the two fat guys - Times & TRANSCRIPT - 08 Nov 2012 08:13AM

Marc’s Fried Clams is located at 300 Elmwood Dr. in Moncton and can be reached at (506) 857-3176.

Chad C’s verdict:

For this week’s feast, Tom and I were looking for something quick and reliable. Marc’s Fried Clams has been a staple in Moncton’s community since the early ’90s. Marc’s brings the enjoyment of a good feed of fried clams found in the Shediac/Cap-Pelé region to the city. I often overlook Marc’s when it comes to Moncton’s seafood restaurants. I was excited to see if it still delivered the same quality I remembered from my youth.

Marc’s is mostly a take-out joint, but there are a few tables for patrons, so we decided to take advantage of this. I chose the Clam Platter special ($13.50). This gave me a plate of fried clams, French fries, coleslaw and a can of pop. I also chose a store-made doughnut for dessert ($0.69).

I give Marc’s full credit for this appropriately-priced selection. One of my major gripes about getting fried clams from out towards Shediac/Cap-Pelé is the price. While yes, I get a mountain of clams, I don’t like having to pay upwards of $20. Despite being a Fat Guy, I often struggle to finish such a meal, especially after an afternoon in the blistering heat of the sun. This plate offered good value and an appropriate-sized meal.

The clams were pretty good, but certainly not spectacular. While they lack the crunch often found with other fried clams, one could actually taste these clams, rather than just batter. I would say they would be on the healthy side as far as fried clams go. The fact that I did not feel like having a heart attack upon the completion of my meal was a good sign.Marc’s offers up two different types of tartar sauce which was fun to compare, Kraft and Wings brand. Kraft is the winner in a landslide!

Although the clams were good, the best item on this plate were the fresh cut French fries. Cooked to perfection. Golden brown with lots of great potato flavour and just the right amount of salt. They certainly made up for the lackluster effort of the coleslaw. It tasted very generic and wasn’t overly appetizing.

I finished my meal off with the homemade doughnut and was pleasantly surprised. It will remind you of a doughnut your grandmother used to make. It was an old fashioned sugar doughnut. What I liked about it was that it was a much lighter doughnut than you would typically find in a doughnut shop. I wouldn’t hesitate to stop in and grab a box of 10.

While Marc’s may not have measured up to other fried clams found in our region, it is a good local alternative. What did open my eyes was a much larger menu than I remembered from previous visits, including burgers, fish and chips and chicken. Because the area surrounding Marc’s Fried Clams lacks a lot of options, I could see making it a go-to option for take-out style food.

I give it a 6.5 out of 10.

Tom P’s verdict:

This was my first-ever visit to Marc’s. I had passed it many times, wondered what it was all about, but never gone inside.Finally I did and I found out what it’s all about. It’s a nice little spot that doesn’t have any frills or fanciness, but no doubt brings in a group of loyal clientele.

Since Chad was going the clams route, I headed in a different direction, ordering the Lobster Roll Platter ($9.25).This came out as a good-sized meal for under $10. It featured the lobster sandwich served on a Kaiser bun with mayonnaise and lettuce. There was also a mountain of delicious fries and a serving of coleslaw.

Off the bat I was pleased that the roll was filled with actual lobster meat, and that it wasn’t a random mélange where you can hardly tell how much of it is actually lobster. That being said, I was slightly disappointed with the quantity of lobster in the sandwich. This certainly wasn’t claw or tail meat by any stretch, and a more filling sandwich would have gone a long way.

That being said, the roll had a nice salty taste that sat well. I wouldn’t order it again, however, which I suppose is the ultimate barometer.

The star of the show, as Chad mentioned, were the fries. These fresh hand-cut fries might just be some of the best in the city. They prove that salt is a perfectly good seasoning, as they were served piping hot and fresh with just the right texture and saltiness. I without a doubt, I would order these fries again.

I’m hardly a coleslaw connoisseur, but I thought the slaw on offer here was just fine. Perhaps not up to the lofty standards of say St. Hubert’s, but decent enough.

I also finished off with one of the homemade doughnuts and was also pleasantly surprised. They were moist and fluffy and not too dry, as is often the case with sugar doughnuts.

This isn’t a traditional restaurant in terms of service, so I can’t really rate that. The woman behind the cashier was very friendly and personable, but after you order it’s not like other restaurants where there are waiters checking up on you, which is fine.

Overall the restaurant didn’t blow me away, but it’s good enough at what it does to be considered a solid choice for anyone in that neck of the woods. The fries themselves are worth the trip.

I give Marc’s a 7 out of 10.